Taking the Pulse® Nurses 2014

Engage and Influence Nurses.
Customized Insight by Nursing Specialty.
Leverage Manhattan Research expertise to prioritize nurse engagement and service investments

Prioritize your resources towards the channels and digital resources that nurses rely on most

Understand what nurses want from pharma, including opportunities to support patient education and adherence efforts.

  • The new primary care practitioners: How is professional autonomy and authority of nurses, NPs and PAs expanding in response to healthcare reform and physician shortages?
  • Scrubs and screens: How are nurses, NPs and PAs using digital tools to get the information they need in a threescreen world?
  • Key patient educators: What role do nurses play in provision of patient education and support resources? What kind of help are they looking for from pharma in this role?
  • Connected care and communication: How are nurses using tools like remote monitoring, patient portals and secure messaging systems to care for patients and promote medication adherence?
  • What nurses want from pharma: What pharma resources are nurses using? Which ones do they value? Where are the opportunities for pharma to reach them with digital resources?
Taking the Pulse® Nurses 2014 strategic advisory service and Insights are based on in-depth, online study of 700 U.S. nurses, nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) conducted in Q2 2014. Every Manhattan Research study is rewritten annually.
Nurse practitioners and physician assistants write a lot of prescriptions.

The PAs we surveyed wrote, on average, roughly half as many prescriptions per week as did physicians and performed an average of 63 clinical examinations per week.
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