Taking the Pulse® Europe 2014

Engage Today’s European Digital Doctors.
Customized Insight by Country.
Taking the Pulse® Europe 2014 is a strategic advisory service focused on how physicians use digital media and devices for professional purposes and pharma interaction, with the objective of helping global marketers assess opportunities for providing content, services, and support to physicians online.
Leverage Manhattan Research expertise in your most critical digital strategy decisions

Prioritize your resources towards the channels that physicians rely on most

Understand your target physician audience with comprehensive, specialty-specific analysis

  • Technology profile of EU physicians in 2014. How are physicians in the EU using multiple devices and multichannel resources throughout the workday?
  • Multiple resources for info-seeking. What role do pharma and non-pharma resources play throughout the workday? How and when are physicians accessing these resources with multiple devices?
  • Impact of tablet-reps/MSLs. What impact do tablet-carrying pharma sales reps and Medical Science Liaisons (MSLs) have on physicians’ prescribing and information-seeking behavior?
  • Use of online promotional programs. What did the online promotional landscape look like in 2014? How are physicians learning about online promotional programs?
Insights are based on an in-depth study of 1,242 physicians in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK conducted online in Q4 2014. Every Manhattan Research study is rewritten annually.
Gain deeper insight into today’s evolving healthcare landscape.
Insights based on proprietary data
Analysis on how best to reach physicians, including:
  • Engagement with tablet details and pharma online promotion
  • Smartphone and mobile device use at the point of care
  • Workday use of professional resources across channels
  • Patient-physician communication and social networks
  • Prescription drug information and services
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By the Numbers
10 years of trended data
15+ specialties
100+ apps, websites and communities tracked
1242 doctors surveyed
Countries Covered
United Kingdom
Who uses Taking the Pulse® Europe?
  • Agencies
  • Brand Teams
  • Digital Teams
  • Healthcare Marketers
  • Healthcare Publishers
  • HCP Technology Vendors
  • Hospitals/Healthcare Organizations
  • Medical Affairs
  • Medical Publishers
  • MedTech Marketers
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