State of the Industry: Nurse Practitioners Infographic

This complimentary Infographic looks at how nurse practioners (NPs) are driving patient education, outcomes, and adherence in and out of the care setting.

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Taking the Pulse® Nurses is Manhattan Research’s annual market research study and syndicated advisory service that explores how U.S. nurses, nurse practitioners (NPs) and physician assistants (PAs) are operating in an increasingly crowded clinical workflow, expanding their roles as care givers in and out of the clinical setting, using the internet, digital media, mobile devices and other technologies for professional purposes, and interacting with pharma today.

The study is fielded online annually in Q2 among over 1,000 U.S. practicing nurses, NPs and PAs.

Key topics addressed in the research:

  • Patient care in the primary work setting
  • Remote patient communication
  • Device access and usage profile
  • Screenflow during workday
  • Digital and general resources
  • EHRs and electronic prescribing
  • Pharma sales rep interaction
  • Pharma online promotion
  • Pharma websites

Data can be segmented across a variety of nursing specialties
For more information or to request a full outline of topics covered in the research, please fill out the form below, email, or call 1.888.680.0800, ext 2.

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